What’s New in Game

The current version of the Pokemon Infinite Fusion Game is 6.2

This update brings some graphics improvements, a new town map, changes to how abilities work, and a lot of background stuff in preparation for the upcoming character customization feature! You can download it from the Download.

Here’s a summary of the changes.

Player character

  • Updated the player character’s sprites
  • Updated the surfing base and dive sprites – now changes depending on the Pokémon using the move
  • Added a special sprite for when the player is surfing using the Surfboard instead of Surf
  • Made it possible to set the player’s skin color and hair color at the start of a game
  • Improved the underwater effect while diving


  • Abilities are now determined by the Pokemon themselves rather than the species when fusing
  • You now get to pick between the abilities of the two Pokémon you’re fusing, no matter the fusion order
  • Added an additional fight on top of the Dept. Store during the Necrozma quest
  • Roaming legendaries now cause weather effects when they’re on roaming on the current map
  • Renamed “Tracker” item to “Weather tracker”
  • Removed vermillion city lighthouse quest
  • Replaced static Flygon on Kindle road by egg
  • Added Overheat TM in Mt. Ember
  • Teleporting to Mt. Silver now takes you to the base of the mountain instead of the start of the road

Town map

  • Updated the town map graphics
  • The player’s current location is now displayed on the town map or when using Fly/Teleport
  • Johto and Sevii Islands are now hidden from the Town Map until first visited


  • Wild legendaries now always randomize into legendaries in randomizer
  • Added an option to exclude legendaries from regular encounters randomizer
  • Added an option for randomized starters to always be 1st-stage Pokémon


  • Made it possible to set the difficulty from the options menu
  • Difficulty and game mode are now displayed on the Continue screen
  • Moved Expert and Reversed modes to the experimental options menu
  • Updated the battle command buttons