Pokemon Infinite Fusion 6.1 Download ROM (Latest Version)

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Download

Pokemon Infinite Fusion 6.1 Download

Pokemon Infinite Fusion game is available to download and play on Android, Windows, Mac, and iPhone. You can play and download latest version of Pokemon Infinite Fusion ROM on different devices by following the instructions below:

Pokemon FireRedPokemon Infinite Fusion
Release Year:2015
Last Updated:1 day ago, (2024)
Based on:Pokemon Firered

You can download the latest version of Pokemon Infinite Fusion ROM from below. We have given different versions and sources for Pokemon Infinite Fusion Download links. Pokemon Infinite Fusion 6.1 is the latest version of the game.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion ROM

Download the latest version of Pokemon Infinite Fusion ROM below:

Please do not close this page while downloading:

Pokemon Infinite Fusion for Windows

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Windows Version

If you are facing errors in the game then see the solution here Issues and Fixes.

PokemonInfinite Fusion (LightWeight)18MBDownload
Pokemon Infinite Fusion Installer ( (by Megaman)51MBDownload

How to install PokemonInfinite Fusion Installer

  • Download the “” file and extract it.
  • Click on “INSTALL_or_update.bat” and wait for the installation to complete.
  • The game will start automatically.
  • To launch the game in the future, use “/infinitefusion-e18/Game.exe.”

How to install the App:

This Guide belongs to the new Installer by (Megaman).

Quick Guide:

  1. Download the Pokemon Infinite Fusion Installer (New) from above.
  2. Right-click the zip and extract.
  3. Open PokemonInfiniteFusionInstaller.exe.

Complete App Installation Guide with Pictures: Guide

How to install the Game:

Quick Guide:

  1. Click on the Install Button or Click Installation Menu -> Install Game
  2. Click Browse Folder to select where you want to install the game.
    • We automatically create the folder InfiniteFusionGame for you.
    • We recommend installing on your Desktop due to the game needing read/write access.
  3. Click Install Game
  4. Wait for it to finish. Click Ok on the Prompt and the Install Button will now be a Play Button.

Complete Game Installation Guide with Pictures: Guide

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Sprite Packs

You do NOT need to download this pack if you’re playing on the Dynamic version, your game will download them automatically as needed!

Sprite PackSizeDownload
Full Sprite Pack 1-101 (April 2024)568.1 MBDownload
Pokemon Infinite Fusion Preloaded Sprites (old)416.45 MBDownload
  • This installer will install ALL of the sprites for Pokemon Infinite Fusion directly to your game folder!
  • No more downloading zips and moving over THOUSANDS of sprites!
  • This includes the monthly sprites and installs them before their monthly release

See Sprite Installation Guide: Sprite Installer

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Mobile

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Mobile (Joiplay) Latest691.9MBDownload

Pokemon Infinite Fusion 6.0 for Linux Mac

InfiniteFusion_linux_macOS 6.0.530MB MBDownload

Updating Guide

  • Take the “Custombattlers” folder from the pack and put it inside the “graphics” folder of your game. This will mix it with the existing “Custombattlers” folder.
  • Then, start your game, and it will organize all the files in the folder for you.
  • If the game asks if you want to use the new sprites instead of the old ones, choose “Yes.”

Remember, if you’re playing the Dynamic version, you don’t need to download this pack. Your game will get the sprites by itself when necessary.

Installation Guide

Mobile Version Information:

If you want to play this game on your Android device, please follow these steps:

  1. Requirements: Make sure you have the latest version of Joiplay and the RPG Maker plugin from their Patreon page. You can find it here: Joiplay Patreon. Note that the version of Joiplay from the app store won’t work with the game.
  2. Dynamic Version: It’s strongly recommended to use the dynamic version of the game on your mobile. This version avoids cluttering your phone’s picture folder with thousands of Pokemon sprites.
  3. Optimization: Keep in mind that while the game can work on mobile with Joiplay, it’s not specifically optimized for mobile devices.

Thanks for downloading Pokémon Infinite Fusion!

Installing the Game:

  • Download the “” file and extract it.
  • Click on “INSTALL.bat” and wait for the installation to complete.
  • The game will start automatically.
  • To launch the game in the future, use “/infinitefusion-e18/Game.exe.”

Updating the Game:

  • Click on “UPDATE.bat” and wait for the update to finish.

Choosing a Version:

  • Dynamic Version (infinitefusion_dynamic_x.x.x-full – Recommended): This version has the full game and automatically downloads the newest custom sprites during gameplay. Pick this if you’re unsure and don’t mind being online while playing.
  • Preloaded Version (infinitefusion_preloaded_x.x.x-full): This version also has the full game, with all custom and generated sprites predownloaded (at the time of upload). You can still download new sprites from the internet. Be cautious, as it’s a large download with over 200,000 image files, which might affect performance. Choose this if you can’t play online and have a powerful computer.
  • Patch Version (infinitefusion_x.x.x-patch): Use this version to update your game to a newer version. You need to have either of the full downloads installed first to apply the patch. Select this if you’ve installed an older version and want to update to the newest one.

Older Versions

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Mobile 555.5 MBDownload
Pokemon Infinite Fusion 5.3.1 Mobile587 MBDownload
PokemonInfinite Fusion ROM Mobile587.17 MBDownload
Pokemon Infinite Fusion GBDownload
PokemonInfinite Fusion Download Guide2.73KBDownload
Pokemon Infinite Fusion Preloaded Sprites416.45 MBDownload
Pokemon Infinite Fusion178.70 MBDownload
Full Sprite pack 1-92 (July 2023) (Latest Pack)639 MBDownload