Pokemon Infinite Fusion Sprite Pack

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Sprite Pack

The Pokémon Infinite Fusion Sprite Pack likely refers to a collection of custom-made sprites used in the game to represent the myriad possible fusions between different Pokémon species

Download Latest Sprite Pack

To add the sprites to your game, drag the pack’s Custombattlers folder into your game’s graphics folder and it will merge with the existing Custombattlers folder. then, run the game, and it will index all the files. if it asks you if you want to replace the existing sprites with the new ones, select yes!

-You do NOT need to download this pack if you’re playing on the Dynamic version, your game will download them automatically as needed!

Currently, the latest Sprite Pack is Full Sprite Pack 1-95 (October 2023) You can download the pack from below:

Full Sprite Pack 1-99 (February 2024)Download

To download the Game visit Download Pokemon Infinite Fusion

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Sprite Packs

Preloaded and old Packs are as follows:

Sprite PackSizeDownload
Full Sprite Pack 1-97 ( November 2023) latest437MBDownload
Full Sprite Pack 1-95 ( October 2023)981.5MBDownload
Full Sprite pack 1-94 (September 2023)857.6MBDownload
Pokemon Infinite Fusion Preloaded Sprites416.45 MBDownload
Full Sprite Pack 1-93 (August 2023) (Lates Pack)356MBDownload