Pokemon Infinite Fusion Sprite Installer

  • This installer will install ALL of the sprites for Pokemon Infinite Fusion directly to your game folder!
  • No more downloading zips and moving over THOUSANDS of sprites!
  • This includes the monthly sprites and installs them before their monthly release.

There are two parts to this Installer:

  • Part 1: Installing the Sprites with the Installer
  • Part 2: Instructions to Prepare the Game

Part 1: Installing the Sprites with the Installer:

Download v1.0.12megamanSpriteInstaller Download

Right-click v1.0.12megamanSpriteInstaller and select Extract All.

Double-click on megamanSpriteInstaller from the folder.

Click on Browse Graphics Folder and select your Graphics folder from inside your game folder. Click Select Folder.

Click on Install Sprites

You will get prompted if you want to continue. Make sure you have enough space

A black window will appear. Wait 5-30 minutes for it to complete. This depends on YOUR internet and computer

Once it is done, the black window will close on its own and you will get this message. The game will open at the same time, LEAVE THE GAME OPEN, but you can close the installer.

Part 2: Instructions to Prepare the Game:

The installer will AUTOMATICALLY open Game.exe for you. Yes, Game.exe, not preloaded. This is on purpose to index sprites faster.

You WILL get a black screen. You just imported over 330k sprites. Be Patient. Wait 5-15 minutes. Depends on YOUR computer.

Press Enter on the Intro Screen and Press Enter on this title screen.

You will get a message that 114,955 sprites were imported. This number will get higher as time goes on.

Press Enter again and your sprites are imported.

For preloaded, close Game.exe. Open Game-preloaded

Wait Black Screen again, it will be shorter. Once you are on the Menu, select Options

Make sure Download sprites is turned OFF. Preloaded does not work with this option ON.

You are ALL DONE! Have fun!