How To Randomize Pokemon Infinite Fusion

How To Randomize Pokemon Infinite Fusion

Before we delve into the randomization process, let’s take a moment to understand what Pokemon Infinite Fusion is. It is a fan-made Pokemon game that allows players to merge or fuse any two Pokemon together. This results in a new creature that carries traits from both parents. The possibilities are, you guessed it, infinite!

This unique twist on traditional Pokemon games has been a hit among the community, offering an exciting new level of strategy and creativity. Now, imagine adding another layer of unpredictability by randomizing these fusions! Sounds exciting, right? Let’s learn how to do it.

How To Randomize Pokemon Infinite Fusion

Following is complete guide on How To Randomize Pokemon Infinite Fusion:

Step 1: Back Up Your Save File

Before you start any modification, it’s crucial to back up your save file to avoid losing your progress. Your save file is typically located in the same folder as your game, and it usually ends with a .sav extension.

Step 2: Download a Pokemon Randomizer

A Pokemon Randomizer is a tool that shuffles or randomizes certain aspects of the game. These aspects can range from the Pokemon you encounter to the items you find. There are a variety of randomizers available online, but for the purposes of Pokemon Infinite Fusion, we recommend Universal Pokemon Game Randomizer. Just ensure the randomizer you choose is compatible with Pokemon Infinite Fusion. or you can direct download the Pokemon infinite fusion ROM.

Step 3: Open the Game in the Randomizer

After downloading the randomizer, open it, and select your Pokemon Infinite Fusion ROM. ROM is the game file you’re playing on your emulator.

Step 4: Choose Your Randomization Settings

The fun begins here! You can choose to randomize a wide array of factors such as starter Pokemon, wild Pokemon, trainer Pokemon, and even Pokemon abilities. Depending on the randomizer you’ve downloaded, your options may vary. Be sure to explore all available options to see what randomization settings you prefer.

Step 5: Randomize

Once you’re satisfied with your settings, hit the randomize button. Your ROM will now be modified according to the settings you’ve chosen.

Step 6: Load Your Game

After the randomization process is complete, load your randomized game into your preferred emulator, and you’re all set to start your exciting and unpredictable journey in Pokemon Infinite Fusion!

Important Note: It’s crucial to remember that not all randomizations will result in a fully playable game. You might encounter a few glitches or strange occurrences. Always keep a backup of your original game file.


Randomizing Pokemon Infinite Fusion is an exciting way to inject even more fun and unpredictability into the game. We hope this guide helps you in setting up your own randomized Pokemon Infinite Fusion experience. Remember, the key is to experiment and see what kinds of unique and thrilling scenarios you can create.

In the ever-expanding universe of Pokemon, the possibilities truly are infinite. Enjoy your gaming, and remember to catch ’em all!